New Release and Free Books!

Spirit’s Fire is now available on Amazon!

For Valentines Day I put my short stories on for free!

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Spirit’s Fire

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New Release Spirit’s Fire:

Five friends get together every year at a cabin in the snowy mountains of Colorado. But one of them has been missing for years, the friends still get together but mourn the loss of their missing friend. They are in for a surprise this year, all five of them will be back together. Dark secrets surround them and they discover the powers within each of them. These powers will change their lives forever.

M/M sweet romance with magical powers.

This story was originally published in the “Out in Colorado” Anthology.


Rejection but still a Happy Friday!

In the past few months I have been quite busy. I had submitted my first two novels to two different publishers. Unfortunately, I received my first rejection letters. I was very heartbroken. Perhaps I am not the strongest writer but I truly wanted an opportunity to work with a publisher.

I have been very bad at writing for NaNoWriMo. I wanted to complete another novel this month but the rejection letters sort of derailed me. But I’m starting to get back on track. Something to remember is even the best writers get rejected and they never gave up so I must keep going!

I am going to start working on a short for a Colorado anthology I’m involved in. I am also co-authoring a story, I’m very excited! We are only 2 chapters away from the end! I really cannot wait to share this book 🙂

I will get published! I have faith in myself that this dream will come true 🙂

Happy Friday!

Writing Away!

Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month! This is the time to get those novels done. 50,000 words in 30 days. Visit to create a writing account and take advantage of all the online tools including word count tracking.

Many authors have completed their novels in this month then been published. So also sign up for your local events to stay informed on meet ups. Working along with other writers is a way to stay motivated and maybe work out a few writing kinks. So throw those editors in the storage bin until the end of the month and just keep typing out that story!