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Spirit’s Fire is now available on Amazon!

For Valentines Day I put my short stories on for free!

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Spirit’s Fire

Protective Instincts-200x300 Protective Instincts

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New Release Spirit’s Fire:

Five friends get together every year at a cabin in the snowy mountains of Colorado. But one of them has been missing for years, the friends still get together but mourn the loss of their missing friend. They are in for a surprise this year, all five of them will be back together. Dark secrets surround them and they discover the powers within each of them. These powers will change their lives forever.

M/M sweet romance with magical powers.

This story was originally published in the “Out in Colorado” Anthology.


Protective Instincts-FREE


Protective Instincts-200x300

I’m so excited!!! The re-release of Protective Instincts is free on today and tomorrow (Deal ends January 30th-book goes back up to 2.99 on January 31st).

Synopsis: Blake and Davin have been hiding their relationship from the rest of the wolf pack because same-sex couples are forbidden. If they are discovered both of them could be kicked from the pack and forced to become strays where teens like them wouldn’t survive. Will Blake be able to protect Davin from his family? Or will Davin let Blake go to save him?

This is a short M/M paranormal story about teen werewolves. This story was originally published in the Lost & Found Anthology published by Featherweight Press.

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